We are looking for overseas local distributors.

  • Philippines
  • U.S.
  • UK.
  • Australia
  • Singapore
Functional and modern designs
Rust-resistant structure
New normal of metal storage sheds

New debut! Japan’s highest quality sheds

We are looking for distributors who can share and convey the power to change storage.

Yodo-monooki is a Japanese brand that proposes a functional and modern designs while valuing the tradition and trust that have been loved for 50 years with cumulative sales of over 6 million units in Japan. We are looking for overseas local distributors to actively promote overseas sales expansion of the sheds.

We will listen to your thought of sales method and set a sales plan based on the terms and conditions made in line with the intentions of both parties.
Yodoko Metal sheds have such specification that makes them so easy to assemble and so high in durability, that you can sell a large quantity with a minimum risk of customer cares or complaints after they are sold. 
And we have an excellent method of container loading which can be compatibly calculated for orders containing various models, and thus we can offer you the largest container loading quantity to save your shipping costs. 


Safe, Secure, Superior3 S of Yodo-monooki


Functional design – With the opening that is the largest in the Japanese storage-sheds industry.

It is easy to put in and out with its 3 doors. The opening is so wide that it is easy to put things into and out of the middle. The doors can be moved either way.

Functional design


ESE lets you store and remove items easily

Easy to assemble – Parts have been largely reduced.

Quick and fuss-free installation makes it much easier to buy a metal shed.

Easy to assemble



Smooth opening/closing – elimination of the lower rail makes opening/closing the door dramatically smooth.

Since there is no rail under the door, there is no worry for dust and sand clogging. It is also effective against frost heaving in snowy areas.

  • Smooth opening/closing
  • Smooth opening/closing

Rust Resistant

55% Al-Zn alloy-coated steel sheets are high-qualityrolled steel sheets coated with aluminium-zinc alloy plating.

Highly durable

Cross-section of Al-Zn alloy plating layer
(electron microscope photograph)

Recommended for such customers as below:

  • For those living in snowy areas

  • For those living in coastal area

  • For those having to set up in a narrow space

  • For those looking for durable sheds

  • For those looking for sheds of traditional and modern designs